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Why Are Cars No Longer Parked In Garages?

Garages were invented with one thing in mind, a place for you to store and work on your car! But nowadays cars are not stored in garages anymore and we want to share with you why.

One of the main reasons why we can see cars are not being stored in garages is laziness. The truth is people are becoming lazy, they don’t want to unlock and open their garage every time they wish to use their car, even if this does help to prevent it from weather damage.

Another reason why cars are no longer kept in garages is storage issues. People nowadays have too much stuff. They see garages as a place to store items that they do not have room for in their homes. It becomes an external storage solution for those items you don’t need, even though the areas were made for cars.

Cars simply don’t fit! This is another reason why cars are no longer in garages, they simply don’t fit. Cars are getting bigger, meaning they no longer fit in a standard size garage. There is also the possibility that a standard size garage is becoming smaller as land for properties is becoming smaller.

The final reason we want to share with you is car usage. Cars are being used more often than not. With people using their cars daily for transport to and from work. This means it is more effort to get your car in and out of a garage when it’s being used daily.

If people weren’t becoming so lazy and using their cars so often, we are sure they would still be stored in garages. But for now, cars are taking over and we need to have easy access.