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Preparing For Your Driving Test

It is an exciting time when your driving test is booked. Whilst the event and the lead up may be nerve-wracking, there are some things you can do to take your mind off your test and prepare.

Firstly, you want to let your driving instructor know that your test is booked. If they know this they can start taking you on known test routes to help you to get a feel for what your test could be like. This will help you to gain more confidence behind the wheel as well.

You can also ask your instructor to do mock tests with you. By having mock tests you will know if you are truly ready for your test. It will help you to know what you need to practice and improve on.

Finally, practice. Ideally, you will want to spend time practising all of the different manoeuvres you could be tested on during your test. This way you will be an expert by the time your test comes.