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Maintaining your Car During Summer

People always think about winter car maintenance when road conditions might be more dangerous, but what about summer? Your car will still need to be well looked after, and there will be a whole host of situations that are different to winter that you will need to think about. Here are some tips for looking after your car in summer:

  • Watch out for potholes. You might find there are more potholes in the road after a long, cold winter. Avoid them to protect your tyres.
  • Make sure your engine doesn’t overheat. Have plenty of coolant in the car and make sure your engine is running smoothly.
  • Keep windows and paintwork clean. When summer is hot and dusty, it can become a hazard. Clean your car regularly to keep the paintwork in good condition and free from dried on dirt, and have screen wash topped up to clean your windows whenever you need to.