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Improving the Experience of Vehicle Drivers in your Company

Many companies now provide their employees with a company car. This can have a number of benefits for the company: staff will be fully insured to drive to meetings, conferences, events etc., they will be able to transport products in their vehicles, they will be able to travel at any time they want to as opposed to relying on public transport… the list goes on. However, company cars are also important benefits for employees and they are something that an increasing amount of people are looking for. This is especially true for younger employees who might find it very costly to run their own vehicle:

Therefore, if you are going to provide company vehicles for your staff, they are going to be relying on you to make sure their experience really feels like one of the perks of the job. It’s essential that you manage your fleet properly to keep your workforce happy.

Managing a fleet is no easy task. It takes dedication, commitment and lots of hard work. Here are some of our top tips for making sure your fleet management is as simple and effective as possible:

  • Have a dedicated fleet manager or, if your fleet size requires it, have a whole team. If you don’t want to dedicate any of your employees’ time solely to fleet management, think about outsourcing the workload. There are lots of management companies around who can offer you experience and it’s a resource that is well worth investing in.
  • Use high-quality fleet management software. This will help you to keep track of everything very easily. You will know what you’re spending your money on and will be able to monitor everything using sophisticated tracking systems. You can keep on top of all day-to-day and maintenance issues, as well as knowing where your vehicles are and how they’re being used.
  • Make sure the basics are taken care of. Don’t forget things like MOTs and services. Should anything go wrong with a vehicle, make sure it is fixed properly and the driver has another vehicle assigned to them in the meantime. Always make sure that your drivers have everything they need when they get a new company car or van, like a fuel card and full vehicle manual.
  • Give your employees a main point of contact. Make sure they know who they should get hold of if they have any problems, and make sure that person is easily accessible for them. The last thing you want is to have an employee who is experiencing difficulties with their vehicle getting stuck somewhere out on the road. Remember, a company car should make life easier for everyone – it should never feel like a burden for your staff.

Effective vehicle management is the only way to make sure your staff have a positive experience with their company vehicles. Make sure you have your processes sorted to ensure a happy workforce who feel well looked after.