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How to Tell if you Need New Tyres

New tyres may be expensive – quite often an unexpected expense as well. It is an investment that is totally essential though. Safety always has to come first with cars. On average, a tyre will last around 20,000 miles, before the tread begins to get worse. Here are some of the ways to tell it is time for some new tyres:

  • Check the tread. Your tread should never be less than a sixth of an inch. It may also be slightly different depending on your car’s make and model, so check the manual.
  • Look for cracks. Check the appearance of the tyres and look for visual signs of ageing or damage. If you spot anything, go straight to a mechanic.
  • Check the pressure. You may have a slow puncture, in which case you will not notice the tyre pressure suddenly decreasing. Check it regularly to make sure your tyres are not deflating.