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Car Maintenance: Focusing on the Wheels

Cars run on their wheels so it’s essential they are looked after and maintained to ensure safety. The last thing a driver needs is for a tyre to blow or a wheel hub to come off while they’re driving. It’s in every driver’s best interests to look after their wheels.

Some of the most common things that can go wrong with a wheel involve wheel bearings and other intricate parts. If something comes loose, it’s usually immediately noticeable because of an unusual sensation or noise. Lots of drivers choose to ignore this though, which can lead to bigger problems in the long run. All drivers should check wheels any time they notice anything unusual and should change tyres regularly, especially if there has been an MOT advisory. Tyres should also be inflated on a regular basis, and wheels should be checked visually for dents, bumps or visible punctures or foreign bodies in the tyre.